Diversity at Bromley Y

The staff at Bromley Y are dedicated to promoting an environment of respect and appreciation for all marginalised groups. We are committed to creating and maintaining an atmosphere of openness, trust, and safety where all beliefs and values can be freely explored and where people feel comfortable.
We provide high quality and multiculturally sensitive support that affirms the dignity, worth and value of all individuals.
We have ongoing training and professional development to ensure our service meets the needs of the people who access Bromley Y support and we are committed to improving access of Mental health services to all, striving to provide a welcoming and enriching environment for our local community. Our working practices have been reviewed, with our minds focused on improving access and engagement amongst each minority group.

Black Lives Matter

As an organisation we want to tackle inequalities within Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic groups and see this as our priority moving forward; ensuring that our care pathways leave no child, young person or their family marginalised. To this end, Bromley Y has a dedicated taskforce striving to build on our good work so far to ensure that every person feels able to access and engage with our service.

Our goal is to uphold and value every person regardless of background, faith, history, life experiences or other differences.

Every life matters to us. We hold every person in high regard; fostering an inclusive environment where a person’s sexual preference, identity, gender, ethnicity, race, physical ability, learning difficulty, religious belief or culture are valued and treated equally and with respect.

Bromley Y and Black, Asian & Ethnic groups

Bromley Y recognises that the number of young people from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic groups who are referred to our service, may not reflect the number of young people from this sector of the population in Bromley with mental health difficulties. The reasons for this are complex and often relate to historical events as well as cultural beliefs, systemic bias and stigma which discourage referrals for mental health support. This is highlighted in the Independent Review of the Mental Health Act, Final Report in December 2018 and its subsequent recommendations.

We actively encourage young people from Bromley’s Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic groups to engage in the range of emotional support therapies we offer. Past or present experiences of feeling marginalised or the impact of racism will be heard by us empathically, acknowledged and supported.

We value our diverse staff team which includes members from different race and ethnic backgrounds. Our staff keep our service relevant and welcoming for all young people seeking emotional support in our community.
It is important to us at Bromley Y that we continually work towards increasing access to our service for all children, young people, families and parents/carers from minority communities in Bromley. You matter to us.
We also want to ensure that people from diverse ethnic groups feel empowered to apply for employment opportunities with us. We want to keep our staff team representative of the local Bromley community we support.

Bromley Y - Against Racism

Special Educational Needs (SEN)

We recognise that a child’s ability to learn may impact on their social, emotional and mental health needs. As an organisation we aim to work closely with children, families and education providers to support these children to ensure that they can enjoy and thrive during their years in education.

The Department for Education recognises that 12% of pupils in primary school and 10% of pupils in secondary school receive support for Special Educational Needs (SEN). Those children, with a higher level of need, will have an Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP) and may attend mainstream educational settings or specialist educational provisions within the Borough.


We know that young people with disabilities are being denied the everyday rights other people take for granted, including access to appropriate health care. As an organisation we recognise these structural inequalities and we strive to ensure that all children and young people we see are treated with respect and dignity and are offered the best possible care. You are important to us and we want to hear your voice.

In 2016 the Equality and Human Rights Commission published a report called Being Disabled in Britain. It highlighted the continuing barriers to equality that people with disabilities face in this country. For further information about
the Being Disabled in Britain report click on the following links

Easy Read being-disabled-in-britain-easy-read.pdf (equalityhumanrights.com)

Full report being-disabled-in-britain.pdf (equalityhumanrights.com)

At Bromley Y we aim to review and update every aspect of our work, including our Board of Trustees. We welcome applications for Trusteeship from members of the public or other agencies, which reflect difference and diversity at this level of our organisation’s governance.

Youth participation/representation is another key aspect of our work within the local community. Young people who have accessed our service often have valuable insights into ways we can improve. We would like to hear from our Black and Asian young people as well as those from all minority groups at this important level of our organisation.

Please get involved - your voice matters to us.

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