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Free support for children, young people and their families

"Our vision is one in which children can enjoy life growing up in their community.
Bromley Y promotes the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children, young people and their parents/carers by enabling change, fostering resilience and helping them build healthy relationships. Our service aims to listen, respect, support and offer effective interventions to those in need, at the right time and in the right place.
We commit to working together with schools and other key providers to keep children and their family's needs at the heart of what we do."

Gill Allen, CEO

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For Young People

We all need some emotional support at times and that is why we are here; to listen, guide and help you to feel happier and able to cope with life’s challenges.

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For Parents / Carers

This section of our website aims to provide parents and carers with practical tips and resources to help children and young people in their care.

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For Professionals

If you are a professional from social care, health care or school and you would like wellbeing support for a young person in your care, you can:

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Diversity at Bromley Y

The staff at Bromley Y are dedicated to promoting an environment of respect and appreciation for all marginalised groups.

Support we offer at Bromley Y

How We Can Help

Bromley Y practitioners have a wide range of qualifications, expertise and skills.

Groups & Workshops

We deliver a number of webinars, workshops and groups for both young people and/or their parents/carers. 

Under 11s Work

Our work with primary age children involves working closely with parents/carers and external agencies.

Over 11's Work

We work with service users over 11 years of age from a ‘young person’ centred perspective.

Children Looked After

Bromley Y works with local partners to ensure that for Children receive appropriate support.


(SEND) and Education & Healthcare Plans (EHCPs)

Traded Services

Bromley Y provides bought-in services to schools and other organisations


Our mentoring scheme supports young people from 14 to 18 years of age.

Consultancy  Supervision

Bromley Y offers a number of interventions in schools.

At Bromley Y we value the voice of the Young Person.

Here is what our new
Youth Ambassadors
Channon and Rochelle
have to say ...

"We are both looking forward to having a positive impact on the work that’s already been done in the service."


"In my youth ambassador role, I will advocate for the
voice of young people in the work we do at Bromley Y.

Working collaboratively with the teams at Bromley Y, I
will learn how we work with young people, parents and
staff in the community and ensure that the voice of the
young person is taken into consideration when changes
are made to the service we provide. To achieve this, I
am looking forward to supporting work in schools,
assisting with outreach projects and being part of new
and exciting developments within the charity.

My experience in education entails supporting children
with barriers to learning, including social and emotional
issues, special educational needs, and other general
health concerns. I have gained insight into the holistic
approaches used to support mental health that focus on
the needs of the individual, including talking therapies,
mindfulness, cognitive behavioural techniques, and
therapeutic group interventions. Therefore, I desire to
work with a person-centred charity that cares about
mental health outcomes and strives to impact the local
community and beyond."


"I am passionate about being the voice of the young
person because I was once a young person dealing with
mental health difficulties and engaging with services like
Bromley Y really helped to save my life.

Now, I want to be an advocate for young people as I
have lived-in experience and have a good sense of
understanding about what may be going on in a young
person’s mind when dealing with emotional difficulties
and I would like to be the voice of the young person who
feels as if they are not being heard or are afraid to speak

By working with the rest of the service, I want to ensure
we are all on the same page as young people and
understand all aspects to deliver the best support
possible and for that support to be effective.

I plan to liaise with the Mental Health Support Teams
(MHST) who go into schools and help to deliver
presentations, collect feedback and data about how we
can improve the service, what we offer and deliver.
including making sure the young person's voice is being
included and seen on all social media platforms."

'Thank you' Channon and Rochelle

Our Partners

Working in Partnership with: LBB, NHS South East London ICS and NHS Oxleas CAMHS Bromley and
recognising and working alongside other local agencies.

Independent Registered Charity No. 291181 Company No. 1844941
Our Governance


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Other Help Lines
  • Text chat via The Signpost  07480 635025
  • CAMHS Crisis Line 020 3228 5980
  • Childline 0800 1111
  • Samaritans 116 123
  • Saneline 0300 304 7000
  • HOPElink UK 0800 068 4141