We strongly believe that seeking the feedback from users their families and our partners enables us to ensure we are delivering and developing quality services that meet the needs of individuals. style it.

We do this in a variety of ways including ensuring the participation of the individual and their families/carers in decisions about their support is embedded in practice using the Choice and Partnership Approach (CAPA) We use digital People Outcome Data so that we can obtain feedback from the individual during each session.

Feedback from users on aspects of the services used are sought through the Experience of Service Questionnaire (CHI-ESQ) and targeted surveys such as “you said we did”. This feedback is collated and used by staff, the Young Leaders Group and Trustees to monitor the services provided and address any issues.

The involvement of children and young people in service design and improvement of services is through the Young Leaders Group, which currently involves service users but would be extended to others to ensure that there is a variety of views sought.


What our users have said about Bromley Y 

What Young People Have Said
"Bromley Y has done a lot for me. It’s a friendly unbiased environment gave me time to relax and talk "

"I never thought that talking to someone could help so much."

"Bromley Y is very welcoming every time we come, people welcome us at the door and you get a drink so it is a pleasant experience and I think the most important thing is that he is happy."

"I see someone who doesn’t judge me and who makes me look at my problems from a different perspective."

"The service at Bromley Y is really great. I came to the service reluctantly and in a strange way I didn’t want to leave. The staff are so lovely and I don’t think I could ever thank them enough for how much they changed my life. I would recommend this service to a friend and if I ever had any problems again, I would feel comfortable enough to speak out."

"Thank you so much for the service you have provided me Bromley Y is very welcoming which helped to settle my nerves about CBT. The CBT itself helped me to talk about my problems and to challenge my negative thoughts which helped me to cope, especially as it was during my exams."

“The Bromley Y mentoring scheme has been a tremendous help for me. The scheme has allowed me to open up to someone new who I knew wouldn’t judge me or try to use the information I gave them against me. I found speaking to my family and friends about the things going on in my life difficult because often they failed to understand the situation properly or took it the wrong way. With a Bromley Y mentor I was able to discuss these issues and they would instantly understand and encourage me to find ways to deal with the things that were not going so well for me in life.
Since having a Bromley Y mentor, I feel that I have become: more confident, more able to solve problems on my own, and more comfortable in myself. In fact, I would go so far to say I have made a friend out of the mentoring scheme, the scheme is really that casual and fun! For these reasons and more, I would definitely recommend the Bromley Y mentoring scheme to anyone!”

What Parents Have Said
"After the third session I noticed a real positive change in her. It was like something emanating from her, like a shininess and a calmness! It really struck me. I have noticed more openness at home overall which seems to have come from her being able to be open in the group with other children about her worries. She was given the chance to express herself in the group and test whether her thoughts came true (e.g. she realised that people didn’t judge her for having certain anxieties etc) The last few weeks she has seemed in a much more buoyant mood.” 

“I hadn’t realised she was concerned about these things to such an extent. Being aware of these has meant I can talk to her about them more.  Since then, she has voiced direct concerns about a residential trip they have got coming up at school and we have been able to talk about it.”

“The parent workshop helped me to know how to respond to her worries, I have been talking to her more in ways that were suggested in the workshop.”  

“Triple thumbs up for all the work you have been doing"

“Many thanks and I can’t tell you how much my son is enjoying the sessions. He actually looks forward to Monday mornings now(!) and after he comes off the call he always has a smile on his face. Thank you so much for making the classes available on Zoom.”

“He explained that he likes the fact he can talk to the "outside world" and the security of having someone else (an adult) to help. I do agree with him, as he has taken a lot on board, he even asked to come along shopping to Tesco's with me, something he has never done before!! Again a huge thank you for your time you spend with my son. It's lovely to see the small changes in his mind-set!”

What School Professionals Have Said
“Two sisters, in different years, were showing signs of anxiety at school …. their behaviour was also causing concern as both were unmotivated to learn in lessons although academically very able and showed a lack of emotional resilience when faced with any challenges. This was also seen in extracurricular lessons.

The parents both worked full-time and the girls attended breakfast club and school club 5 days a week meaning that they were at school for long hours every day. The school had attempted to engage parents in conversations about pastoral support for the girls over the last few years. This support/engagement with meetings had not been taken up and the concerning behaviours had continued and escalated. Both girls were also finding friendships difficult and exhibiting aggressive behaviour towards peers in the playground and the classroom.

Since the school has engaged with the School Wellbeing Service (Trailblazer Project) we have offered all KS2 parents the opportunity to attend the Managing Fears and Worries in Your Child workshop. The father of these two girls attended as it was held at 6pm. He engaged very well with the staff running the workshop and was very open about the worries they had about the girls. Subsequently, Dad has attended many school events, clearly taking time off work to engage with activities at school and both parents are now engaging with the school; voicing their thoughts about how they and the school can support the girls together. The girls are showing a huge improvement in their emotional resilience and issues with their peers have lessened dramatically.”

“I have spoken to a Year 11 student this morning who recently completed three sessions with your service. He said he felt better and more positive and found the sessions very useful.
Thank you Bromley Y!” 

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